This refreshing gelée was created with healthy large-grain soybeans grown

in the abundant natural resources of the Tamba region.

The gelée is crowned with a broth bursting with the umami flavor of plump, boiled black beans.

A generous helping of Tamba black soybeans also fills the gelée.

This sparkling golden gelée offers a refreshing, fragrant flavor redolent of exquisite quality.

Serve it chilled and enjoy the excellent texture of this cool treat.

Tamba black soybeans
Also called "black diamonds," Tamba black soybeans are grown in the Tamba region

(a wide regionspanning the area between Hyōgo and Kyoto)

and are renowned as boasting the finest flavor in Japan.

The cultivation process allows the beans to ripen slowly in the field,

so their skins are thin,their fleshsoft,

and their grains grown to maximum size to produce the highest-quality black beans.

The beans plump when boiled, yet the skins are resistant to splitting, and their ebony luster,

fragrant aroma,and springy texture combine to create first-rate flavor.

The beans' size and pleasing appearance have won them renown as a versatile Japanese

ingredient perfect for a wide variety of confections and, recently, even Western sweets.

Also, due to their polyphenol and isoflavone content, the beans are gathering attention

from a variety of fields for their applications in health & beauty.