Asakura Sansho Tapenade

This Asakura Sansho Tapenade was created out of a desire to bring

out the fullest flavor of the Asakura sansho native to Yabu City.

We hope you will enjoy the bite of the refreshing spiciness and scent of this sansho.

★What is the Asakura sansho?
They say that the Asakura sansho originated from selective breeding of a plant that was native

to Asakura Village, Yabu County, Hyogo Prefecture (currently Asakura, Yokacho, Yabu City).

It's biggest features are its beautiful green color, as well as the simultaneously spicy yet citrusy flavors.

~The noble origins of the sansho, used as an offering from the Japanese feudal lords
This is a very special sansho, such that there are stories saying that a long time ago

Toyotomi Hideyoshi would drink Asakura sansho scalded in boiling water as if it were tea, and records

of it being presented by Ikuno magistrate Naomoto Mamiya to Tokugawa Ieyasu during the Edo period.

At the time it was an ultra high class item that would never pass the lips of a commoner.

★What is a tapenade?
A tapenade is a traditional Provence olive paste made from crushed olives with anchovies,

capers, and olive oil added in.
It's an all-purpose seasoning originating in southern France that can be easily used in a wide

variety of cuisines; it goes well with many ingredients, including vegetables, seafood, and meat. 

★The best way to eat a tapenade

・As a dipping sauce for veggie sticks or steamed vegetables.

・As an accent for a variety of cuisines.

・As an hors d'oeuvre, simply by spreading it on crackers or bread.