Shironoka Chocolat


A jelly made with traditionally-brewed Japanese "Junmai Yamada-Nishiki Nigori Sake",

which contains mainly rice, koji, and water, and coated in a sweet 70% cacao organic chocolate.

From inside the thin layer of chocolate,and a surrounding film of crystalized sugar,

the soft jelly appears to ooze out along with the scent of Japanese sake. 

With a texture that may surprise you, this is a jelly made with Katashima's original recipe

that uses traditional Japanese confectionery-making techniques. 

Furthermore, the marriage of the mellow scent of the Junmai Yamada-Nishiki Nigori Sake

and chocolate gives this confectionery both a Japanese flavor combined

with a luxury, high-quality taste.

"Chikusen", a local sake from the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture,

can boast the highest level of sake production in Japan. 

With a history that spans 300 years,

and based on the concept that"each grain of rice has an infinite amount of power",

Chikusen aims to produce sake in a way that allows for co-existence with the surrounding area,

and uses locally produced rice and water,

while sticking to its traditions that have persisted since the Genroku era.

Chikusen also aims to make sake in a way that's at one with the land,

so that it may continue to put a smile on people's faces thanks to its delicious flavor and gentleness on the body,

and co-exist together with the local nature for a long time to come.

Local Chikusen Junmai Yamada-Nishiki Nigori Sake is used in Shironoka Chocolat.