A distinctly Japanese flavor borne by the abundant nature of the Tajima region - 'Stork natural rice'.

Here in the Tajima region, where Katsushima's business is based,

we are surrounded by the abundant nature of northern Hyogo prefecture.

This was the last natural habitat of storks in Japan, and as attempts to reintroduce them into the wild continue,

people here are striving to produce an environment where humans can live harmoniously

with nature whilst reaping its many benefits.
The makers of 'stork natural rice' strive to avoid using agricultural chemicals and fertilizers wherever possible,

so that the various insects on which storks feed can thrive on their rice fields.

'Stork natural rice' is cultivated with the utmost consideration for the environment,

and is a product which the Tajima region is extremely proud of.

Here at Katsushima, we use rice flour from 'stork natural rice' to produce many different types of sweets and confectionery.
Since our rice flour is produced without relying on agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, you can feel assured that it is safe.

The flour possesses the natural plump, well-rounded taste of rice flour, which sets it apart from wheat flour,

and a taste which is impossible to get bored of.

But the best thing about it is its springy, elastic texture.

It is expected that this flour will be used by many more confectionery makers in the future.

There has been a surge in interest in rice flour recently due to the popularity of gluten-free diets,

and it is expected that rice flour will gain more attention from outside of Japan in years to come.

It may not be long before people from all over the world become interested in Tajima's 'stork natural rice'.